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Tea tree oil nail and foot nurse depicter

Packaging: 10 ml Recommended Use: The depicter contains 100% naturally active ingredients. The antibacterial and fungicidal effect of tea tree oil is enhanced by the anti-inflammatory and antiperspirant effect of medical sage. The grape seed oil in it conditions and nourishes the nail and the skin, which is the basis for all skin types. In addition, the pineapple not only gives a fresh scent, it also tonifies the skin.

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Aromax Tea Tree oil nail and foot nurse depicter contains grape seed oil that condition the nails and the nail bed skin. Tea tree oil is used for its anti-inflammatory and other effects, including skin infections (eg foot fungal diseases). Grape seed oil in the nail is a lightweight, nutritious oil that is well absorbed into the skin. Base oil for all skin types. Medical oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-sweating effects. The pineapple oil, in addition to its fresh aroma, even tonifies the skin. Use: After thoroughly cleaning the skin and nails, apply a brush in the cup to the affected area. Leave the treated portion free for 5 to 10 minutes. It can be used several times a day if necessary. In the case of foot infections or fungal diseases, we recommend disinfection of the shoe. Storage: In a cool place, protected from light, with a sealed cap. Keep out of the reach of children.


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