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Serum with Moringa Oil

Packaging: 20 ml Recommended application: Skin conditioner, nourish dry skin, tapered lips. It keeps moisture in the skin. Valuable and sought after active ingredient in anti-aging skin care.

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Indigenous Moringa tree, which is called a “miracle tree”, survives for several months without water. The Moringa oil is extracted from the core of the plant by cold pressing. It is one of the richest oils in the monounsaturated fatty acids. Skin conditioner, nourishes dry skin, tapered lips. It keeps moisture in the skin. Valuable and sought after active ingredient in anti-aging skin care. Slows the aging processes, restoring the skin’s elasticity. Regular use gradually reduces eye and mouth fine wrinkles. Omega-3 & 60% Omega-6 & lt; / RTI & gt; 5% Use for facial care Serum use is very easy as it is easy to dispense with the pipette in the cup. No need to keep the oily, hard feeling, all of the Aromax Serums are well distributed on the skin and are quickly absorbed and do not seal the pores. After a thorough cleaning of the skin, massage a few drops of oil a little once a day (preferably in the evening) or several times with gentle smoothing movements. The moisturizing effect can be enhanced when applied to a slightly damp skin. Use for hair care For hair care, before brushing hair, rub a few drops into the scalp / hair, leave for 15 minutes and wash thoroughly. Easier dosing is facilitated by a pipette in the cup. The effect can be increased by covering the hair with a dry towel after application and leaving it for at least one hour. The oils can also be used as hairdryers after washing hair. Spread 1-2 drops gently on the hairs on a slightly damp or dry hair. Other natural ingredients: Tocopherol / Vitamin E Blocks lipid peroxidation, which causes cellular aging. Excellent antioxidant. It is great for sunlight, acne, rheumatic complaints and wound healing. Beta-Sitosterol Skin conditioner, mainly in vegetables and fruits, which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and keratin formation in the skin. Squalene It is a completely natural, emollient ingredient produced mainly from olive oil. Ascorbyl Palmitate It is a potent antioxidant and free radical pliers in the fat-soluble form of vitamin C. It helps to produce healthy histamine.


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