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Respiratory relief essential oil blend

Unit: 10 ml
Scent: camphoraceous, eucalyptus-like

Suggested use:
air freshening during winter colds

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More on Respiratory relief essential oil blend

This product contains natural essential oils of excellent quality (eucalyptus, niaouli, peppermint, thyme and lemon) which are often ingredients and effective agents of various inhalation-products with respiratory-easing effect, creams rubbed on the chest, sauna oils, drops and herbal-based medicines. The essential oils listed above (supported by the special literature) have disinfecting, mucolytic, expectorant, spasm-relieving effect of the bronchia. The usage of the oil mixture can be very useful during the period of winter colds. Put several drops of essential oils into water and vaporize from aroma lamp or vaporizer.


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