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Aromax Beardmax beard nourishing oil with eucaliptus

Packaging: 20 ml Recommended Use: Aromax Beardmax beard nourishing oil conditiones and nourishes not only the beard but also the face skin due to it’s ingredients.

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Beardworm oil is an extract of a special lichen variety. Its antimicrobial and antifungal effects are used in cosmetic formulations. Most of the almond oil consists of two fatty acid components (linoleic acid and oleic acid), which plays an important role in skin protection and skin dryness.
The essence of the eucalyptus, in addition to giving a pleasant, fresh scent to the beard, also has a disinfecting effect.

USE: Take some drops of oil after brushing the beard once daily (preferably in the evening) to the beard and face skin. The effect can be increased if the facial hair is still slightly damp. Easier dosing is facilitated by a pipette in the cup.

Storage: In a cool place, protected from light, with a sealed cap. Keep out of the reach of children.


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