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Anti-spot treatment

Unit: 10 ml

Suggested use:
for curing spots and their primary region

1250 Ft


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Locally applicable, highly concentrated solution for curing spots and their primary region. It contains antimicrobial and skin cleansing essential oils of natural origin, skin-grooming old man’ beard, calendula and rhatany root extracts, avocado oil rich in vitamins and natural antioxidant.

Its valuable ingredients alleviate pungent, itching feeling, regulate the sebum production by the sebaceous glands, and thereby promote normal operation of the skin.

Usage: After cleansing, apply the solution to the spots and their primary region by the use of the brush. The treatment can be repeated several times a day. Do a patch test before use: apply the solution to the inner arm, and then rub it. If there are no changes occur in 24 hours, the solution is safe to use.


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